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Official website of DJ, Remixer and Music Producer - DJ Govind aka Govind Soni based in Thane, Maharashtra. DJ Govind has made his name purely through years and years of making music, exploring different genres of music and playing in some of the best clubs in India.
As a DJ he always try to find new music, explore new sounds to get his audience crazy.

Played in various clubs such as Playboy (Delhi), Lords of the Drinks (Delhi) Lounge18 (Thane), Talli (Thane)

Current Location - Thane, Maharashtra.

Electrik Podcast is back once again. Presenting, the second chapter of Electrik Podcast, featuring 2 hour of finest Electronic genre music for the Electronic generation produced by the various talented DJs and artists arranged together in 2 hour duration including remixes, originals, bootlegs, edits and mashups. 

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  • Thane, Maharashtra, India